One Family Journal

Bringing Family Memories Together

Your Way or The Highway Is a Big No No

As for yourself, yes, you do what you want.  But as for someone else, no, it is not right. 

You have right to what you want in your life. It's your choice.  It's your life. 

But when it comes to someone else, no, you don't have the right. 

As a group, even worst, it destroys morale and team spirit.

As a family, even worst, it causes bad feelings and destroy relationship.

Much even worst if you have children.  You ended up raise very frustrated children who ultimately turned into a very frustrated adult, who might even do the same to those you love so much more dearly, your grand children.

Lead by example.  Don't force yourself onto others.  In any ways you look at it, it is wrong.  

No, don't make that mistake.  It's one of the most crucial mistake many people made and are making still.  Don't' let it be yours.