One Family Journal

Bringing Family Memories Together

Like a Family, We Keep It Going

Each year, I wonder if I should renew this site or not.  I then will let it go and expire.  But then, before it goes completely out of my hands, I decided to renew it. 

So, why am I doing this?  Well, Originally, this site was create for keep track of our journey as one family.  That was 2008 when I decided to have a site for that.

But then, I got busy and couldn't keep up with all my sites.  So, I thought of letting it go because I don't think anyone is looking at it.  Why? Because, I did this site for me and my journey as one with my family.  

I only wanted to keep track of happy news and happy thoughts.  Well, I ended up with very little to say. One, I've been busy. Two, even though there are a lot of good memories to share, but there are also challenging times. Like anyone else, like any family, there are always challenging times. That is what make us stronger as one individually and as one family.

But then, I got so busy that I don't have time to keep notes here on either good or challenging stories. 

Time to renew again.  I let it go again.  Interestingly, like a family, I went and renewed it again.

I realized, yes, there are many great stories that are helpful for the world to learn, learn on how to have and build a wonderful and beautiful family.

But then, there are stories that also can help the world to learn how to deal with challenging times as a family too.

Yes, I decided to share them both here online. I'll make it fun and not so arrogant or stressful.  I'll share insights on good times - how to make it happen.  And challenging times - how to deal with it.

Family is family.  You keep it and make it work.  From everyone in all sides of the family.  You win some days, and some days, they'll win instead of you and that is okay.