One Family Journal

Bringing Family Memories Together

Make Time for Your Children, Learn and Listen to Them for New Things in Life and More

With the Pokémon Go and the 3D printing, I am spending wonderful time with both of my grown sons. With each one of our children, we are having a wonderful time with them.  It's all because everyone gives each other a little more room with understanding, communication, and support.

Make time to adjust to their world, please.  I assure you that it is worth every minute and second of your time.  It is most valuable and priceless when your grown children want to spend time with you :-)

My younger son comes home often and stay overnight a lot so we can all sit and talk about things that are so exciting to all of us, my husband, me and him.  Often the father and son have their conversation on things they are excited to share with each other.  As for me, a mother, I got into the 3D printing with my son.  He even bought me a XYZ printer and bought another one for himself so we can all print things together and have projects for home improvement, etc.  It's great.

As for the older son, besides bringing home our grandchildren for us to have fun with doing things together, the Pokémon Go is the new thing now.  He showed me how to download it but he had to take the kids home with his family. So, I sat and tried learning the Pokémon Go by myself.  I now, have a great fun conversation with him and learning a lot more about the game too through the knowledge he has, and I don't.

See, it is all about learning from one another.  When our children are small, we teach them things.  When they are grown up, they teach us things. 

Be open minded, listen and learn from them, just as when they were little, how we expect them to listen and follow our ways.