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It's Our Job as Parents to Help Our Children Grow

As we are getting older and older everyday, we need to do more and more to make sure our children has a financially sound foundation and a well-planned and well-organized future.  Like my parents-in-law, they showed up the importance of taking vitamins everyday and taking good care of your body with healthy food and exercises. I was in my 20s, so pretty much, many of the talks was politely passed right through me. However, their action left imprint in my memories. They also took out a baggy filled with vitamins and showed it to me every time they take it. He would say, "See this, 50 vitamins here and we take them all every day." That, at the time to me was way too many vitamins, but I politely said yes.  Thank you.  However, throughout the years as I grow older and older, the picture of my father-in-law showed me that bag of vitamins sits in my head.  I thank God everyday for that.  Because, I am taking a lot of vitamin everyday. My body feels the difference.  I take the B12 and shortly after, I feel the warm flushing through my body.  I felt good. Knowing that I just did a good thing for myself.  

Nowaday, my husband and I making sure we take those vitamins everyday.  We eat organic food and stay away from junk food.  Dress warm.  All these, sounds like for an old person. No, for even the young people, it is a no-brainer.  Take good care of yourself.

Likewise for the children, when they know how to take good care of themselves, it is a good thing. It shows that you've done a good job as well.

Help your children grew well is your job as a parent, even well beyond their young age.