One Family Journal

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Gvie Each Other Space

You don't own the other person. You don't own your spouse. Give the respect to the other person in your life, space. 

Ask, don't order around.  This is a home. Not a restaurant.  You wouldn't want your spouse to order you around, then why order your spouse around?

I was at Walt Mart the other day standing on line waiting for the next available self-checkout register.  A man came up around me and went to the register that was to the left (it has a sign that said Close).  I then heard a woman's voice behind me saying, "What are you doing?" He didn't answer but then looked at the small refrigerator next to the register with water and soda bottles.  "Oh no! You don't!" That woman's voice behind me said. The man still didn't answser but walked across to the other side to the right and looked at another refrigerator with drinks inside.  "No!  I said no!" That person behind me said again.

I didn't turn around to see who or what that was.  It was so annoying just to listen to that person behind me.  Imagine what that is doing to their relationship?  I can see the guy was purely kept going as to further irritate the person who was bugging him with no you can't this and no you can't that. 

This is only one of the incidents that I came across.  It happens all the time.  It is not right. 

You might think you have a great idea.  Great, share it.  If the idea involve you and you alone.  Do what you want.

But if your idea involve the other person and have to be acted by the other person, no, don't force it.  Especially if the other person said no.  Respectfully and accept.  Even though you still think your idea is better.  If it involves the other person, it is totally up to the other person to accept or not to accept your idea on him or her.  Move on.  Live a happy live.